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Zebra Pakistan

Zebra-Techtrix System is divided into two business categories which are Asset Intelligence and Tracking, and Enterprise Visibility and Mobility. The Asset Intelligence and Tracking category covers all the designing, manufacturing, and selling of barcode printers as well as card printers. These printers work in such a way that they produce labels, wristbands, tickets, receipts, and plastic cards. And then the question arises that what is the use of these things. These are used in routing and tracking of inventory, transaction processing, personal identification, receipt and ticketing.

Zebra Pakistan barcode and card printers are made for reliable, heavy-duty, rugged industrial working because Official Partner of Zebra in Pakistan focuses on the durability of a product, imagine what if the product performs several tasks and it is industrially delicate or sensitive to the environment and can be damaged by a little fall on the ground, feels useless to carry right? Here Zebra Distributor in Pakistan solves the issue and makes durable and high-volume industrial usage products that can last longer and be used in every condition. In short, must provide value to a worker and a carefree-to-carry device instead of carrying a delicate device around the field or company.

Now when we talk about the other segment which is Enterprise Visibility and Mobility which serves as the backbone of Zebra official distributor in Pakistan, in this segment a large variety of mobile computers, scanners, and value-add software solutions are included. Mobile computers, industrial smartphones, and tablets are not like every typical device available in the market but Official Partner of Zebra in Pakistan manufactures mobile computers very rugged and for heavy-duty use protected by a hard casing which makes them different from the nowadays delicate and sensitive mobile devices. Among many varieties offered by Enterprise Visibility and Mobility segment, a large range of barcode scanners and RFID readers are also included which are also very rugged and for tough industrial use. Zebra Pakistan’s barcode scanners are not only tough and rugged-looking devices but also provide the workers with a high-quality value that reads the barcodes easily and very speedily. 

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