Bahria University Job Fair 2022

Techtrix System Constantly Promotes Rising Talent!

At the annual "Job Fair 2022" conducted by the Bahria University Karachi Campus on 22 December, Techtrix System was presented as a recruiting associate. The Job Fair was worth attending because it gave us the Golden Opportunity to meet diverse candidates eager to start a new position. We were astonished to see the sheer number of promising young graduates belonging to different disciplines.

Numerous well-known Pakistani companies, such as JS Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, AKD Securities, 1 Link, Ibex Global, and many more, were present at this career fair. Out of a pool of over 60 organizations, only 8 qualified for Shield due to their excellent management of student affairs and their engagement with them; Techtrix was one of them.

Having stimulating conversations with bright, young minds wanting to enter the corporate world and having many questions to ask to get insight into the labor market and find direction was a constant source of joy for us. This once-a-year Job Fair at Bahria University Karachi gave us access to a pool of fresh talent in a one-stop setting. With Bahria University serving as a bridge between the academic world and the employment market, the job fair was loaded with benefits for both employers and students.

During the four to five hours of this event, Techtrix System was able to meet potential new hires face-to-face, spread the word about our company to bright individuals, and get to know people rather than just resumes. The Bahria University career fair was an explosive networking opportunity to meet potential employees and even business partners.

By participating in the career fair, we raised our company's profile in the eyes of job seekers, educators, and potential competitors. A member of our human resources team collected resumes from students relevant to different fields and disciplines.

Techtrix System is committed to helping shape tomorrow's leaders and will continue to seek exciting new ways to recruit the most talented and brightest candidates.

We appreciate Bahria University's efforts to foster closer ties between universities and the corporate world, as well as our invitation to participate in this event.

We value the dedicated work of the faculty staff in putting on such a successful event.

We welcome more opportunities to work together in the future for the betterment of our youth.

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